About Us

The name on your badge says who hired you.
The name on your nameplate says who raised you.

Represent them both with honor and integrity.

Why Join Us?

Here at San Andreas Shoreline RP, our mission is to rise from the ashes of past communities and be reborn as a community that our members are proud to consider their last, and final home, and above all, their family. Founded with directors who understand that members are the backbone of a successful community, and leadership is a privilege, not a right. In all we do, we strive to make the goal of being the best of the best a reality rather than simply a slogan, or a punchline. We will work hard to ensure that all issues are resolved properly, and that our decisions are guided in a manner that will help us obtain our goals of being a safe haven for members that are tired of the myriad of common mistakes other communities make. What we have learned from the past we will use in the present to create our future. We are San Andreas Shoreline RP, and we are here for you.


The first of our core values is communication above all, and as the saying goes, "Communication is key". With so many roleplaying communities making spur of the moment decisions with little to no communication to their members as to why they arrived at that decision, we strive to take the time to explain our reasoning. Not only that, but we firmly believe that members are the true backbone of any successful community, and they deserve to have a voice that is heard at all levels.


The second of our core values is enjoyment. But how does this play in as a core value? As a roleplaying community, we exist for the sole reason of doing the things we enjoy. Whether it be roleplaying as a normal civilian, handling emergencies as a firefighter, or catching criminals as a police officer; we encourage our members to enjoy themselves to the fullest. While this does not mean that we encourage a "cops and robbers" atmosphere, we aim to allow our members to learn and grow with more creative scenes, and improve their roleplaying abilities. We will not lose sight of the sole reason we're all here: To enjoy ourselves as part of something bigger.


The final core value and reason why we believe you should join us is that here at San Andreas Shoreline RP, we're not just another community, we are a family. But how does this differ from other communities you may ask, and what sets us apart? As a member within the community, we believe you should be treated with respect, regardless of your position, and we also understand that sometimes life gets hard. With this in mind, we have a fully open-door policy, right up to the director, as well as a Chief of Staff. As well, we encourage our members to form lasting bonds and friendships with one another to learn and grow together, as part of something larger than themselves. We are San Andreas Shoreline RP, and we are here for YOU.