Our Departments

San Andreas Highway Patrol

It is the mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol to provide the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of San Andreas. Our Vision is be a trusted leader in law enforcement ensuring San Andreas is the safest place to live and travel.

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is committed to protect the lives, property and rights of all people, to maintain order and to enforce the law. The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office will strive to accomplish this mission by setting goals and objectives and practicing the core values of the Office.

Los Santos Police Department

The Police Department’s goal is to protect and maintain Los Santos' high quality of life and prevent crime. The department is responsible for enhancing overall community safety and safeguarding the rights of individuals. The Police Department is staffed by both full-time, and volunteer officers to manage calls for service and facilitate problem-solving throughout the community.

San Andreas Fire Rescue

We are a highly skilled team of Paramedics and Firefighters. We are the Men and Women that keep San Andreas safe 24/7. We come from all walks of life, but we all will go the extra step to uphold our duties as model citizens of San Andreas, and professionals in the Fire Department.

Civilian Department

The Civilian Operations Command maintains the realism within the roleplay scenarios. These elite Members carry their roles by actively acting to another level while having the ability to maintain a mature environment. The civilians can either play the good side of the law or the bad!

San Andreas Communications Department

The San Andreas Communications Dispatch Center is the backbone of San Andreas State Emergency and Public Service sector. In most cases, the dispatcher is the first and last line of contact, whether it starts with a 911 call, or a LEO/Fire initiated call. Dispatchers are not only responsible for 911 calls, but also for coordinating [non]emergency radio and teletype communications traffic for Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire/Rescue, Tow Services and special operations for the State of San Andreas.